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Market: ASX
52-week High/Low: A$0.36 / A$0.15
Sector: Pharma & Biotech
Market Cap: A$10.62M
Proteomics International Laboratories (ASX:PIQ) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Proteomics International Laboratories

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Big picture - Why invest in Proteomics International Laboratories

Proteomics International Laboratories Snapshot

Proteomics International is a specialist technology-driven life science company based in Perth, Western Australia. The Company’s technology platform has been successfully applied to biomarker discovery in multiple project areas, in particular diabetic kidney disease, and the sensitivity and specificity of the approach is opening the door to personalised medicine.

Proteomics International, established in 2001, provides services to groups throughout the Indo-Asian region, and was the world’s first provider of proteomics services to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory standard.

The Company operates in 3 synergistic business units unified by a proprietary technology platform:

Analytical services – specialist contract research, analytical testing and consultancy

Diagnostics – biomarkers of disease and personalised medicine

Therapeutics – peptide drug discovery from venoms

What is proteomics?

Proteomics is the large-scale mapping of the structure and function of proteins.

  • Unlike our genes, the protein make-up in our bodies differs from cell to cell and changes considerably over time. For example, a cancerous cell will have significantly different proteins to a healthy cell.

  • The caterpillar and butterfly have exactly the same genes but differences in their proteins cause dramatic differences during the lifecycle.

Last updated 12th February 2016.


Proteomics International has developed a versatile platform technology for discovering diagnostic tests based on the differences in the protein make-up of people with and without a particular disease. By comparing blood or other samples taken from both sick and healthy people, the Company is able to produce a set of “biomarkers”- biological signatures that can be used to test for a particular condition.

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Analytical Services

The Analytical Services component of Proteomics International is built around its proteomics-based technology platform’s ability to test and validate the protein composition of a wide and varied range of products. This centres upon the Company’s ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation for proteomics services, which recognises its ability to consistently achieve technically valid results, and is the most widely used laboratory standard for US Federal testing laboratories.

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Venom from Australia’s unique wildlife is used to look for compounds that could become the painkillers and antibiotics of the future. Proteomics International aims to use its proprietary platform technology (Bioven) to discover potential drugs in a cost and time effective manner and has already discovered several promising compounds with analgesic and antibiotic properties.

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Last updated 12th February 2016.

Mr Terry Sweet

Terry has been a Director of several listed companies over the past 30 years in both executive and non-executive capacities. These companies include XRF Scientific Ltd, where he was Managing Director for 4 years, Western Biotechnology Ltd, Heartlink Ltd, and Scientific Services Ltd. Originally trained as a chemist, his interests and expertise now lie in the area of development and supervision of a culture of Board integrity, commensurate with technology commercialisation. Terry has been Chairman for 1 year.

Dr Richard Lipscombe
Managing Director
PhD (London), MA (Oxford)

Richard, a co-founder of the Company, is a highly practised business manager and protein chemist expert in analysing bio-molecules using proteomics techniques. He has an extensive expertise in chemistry, immunology, mass spectrometry, peptide synthesis, high performance computing and robotics.

Richard has international experience in both science and business gained over a 29-year period in Australia, USA and the UK, including work in hospital and academic laboratories and commercial organisations. He completed his chemistry degree (MA) at Oxford University, his PhD in immunology at London University and was a Post-Doctoral scientist (molecular immunology) in a large research institution in Australia (Telethon Institute for Child Health Research).

After managing the Protein Analysis Facility at the University of Western Australia, he co-founded Proteomics International Pty Ltd in 2001. Richard is well published in peer review journals, and holder of several patents. Richard has been with the Company for over 14 years.

John Dunlop
Non-Executive Director

John has been a director of several ASX-Listed companies covering mineral exploration, finance and analytical laboratories including a founding directorship of the beta-carotene producer Western Biotechnology Limited (subsequently acquired by Hoffman-La-Roche) and founding director of Sheen Analytical Services (which is listed as Scientific Services Ltd).

A geologist by training, John has been credited with discovering the then oldest fossil stromatolites, pushing back the established age of life on Earth by about 1 billion years, and has also published several papers in peer reviewed journals including Nature and Scientific American (invited). John has been involved with the Company for 14 years.

Dr Bill Parker
Non-Executive Director
PhD (UWA), BSc (London)

Bill, also a co-founder of the Company, has over 30 years experience in university and commercial laboratories, including establishing and managing a NATA-accredited analytical laboratory.

With a PhD in microbiology, he was also a founder director of the ASX listed Western Biotechnology Ltd. Bill has been a consultant to the WA State government in technology development, and technology park management. He was also a director of the Australian Solar Council. Bill has been with the Company for over 14 years.

Mr James Moses
Executive Director

James has extensive experience in investment markets and the media developed in a career spanning 25 years, including a wealth of expertise in advising emerging small-cap public companies.

His career began in the investment market, where he worked for 15 years in a number of business development roles for leading global fund managers, and as a private client adviser for an investment advisory firm.

James, who is based in Sydney, is also the managing director of a leading Australian small-cap focused investor relations and corporate communications practice, and has a successful track record in advising a wide range of companies, including in the life sciences and bio-technology sectors.

Karen Logan
Company Secretary
BCom, Grad Dip AppCorpGov, ACIS, AGIA, F Fin, GAICD

Karen has extensive compliance, capital raising, merger and acquisition, IPO and backdoor listing experience in a diverse range of industries including technology, media, resources, health care and life science. She has assisted a substantial number of private start-up and established businesses transition to being publicly-listed companies for over 13 years.

Karen is presently the principal of a consulting firm and secretary of a number of ASX-listed companies, providing corporate and accounting services to those clients.

Last updated 12th February 2016.

Corporate Office
QEII Medical Centre
6 Verdun Street, Nedlands
Perth WA 6009

Telephone: +61 – 8 9389 1992
Email: [email protected]

Postal Address
PO Box 3008 Broadway
Nedlands WA 6009

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