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Collagen Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies medical grade collagen biomaterials for use in research, medical devices, and regenerative medicine. We work with scientific teams to provide materials that optimize your application.



Collagen Solutions PLC

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Be the industry’s first choice for regenerative biomaterials.


Improving patients' quality of life by:

• Being a Trusted partner with our customers
• Providing Innovative biomaterial solutions
• Passionate delivery from our global team


Collagen Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies medical-grade collagen biomaterials for use in research, medical devices, and regenerative medicine. The company provides product development and contract manufacturing services, including technology transfer and regulatory support. Customers include some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world. A publicly traded company, Collagen Solutions is listed on the London Stock Exchange (COS) and has locations in California and New Zealand with headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland.


Product Development

Collagen Solutions sources, develops and manufactures functional, medical grade collagen for use in medical devices, research and regenerative medicine

Medical Grade Collagen Product Development

Collagen Solutions supports both established and emerging medical device companies working to develop new or improved products for market. Whether your company focuses on full medical device product design, testing and approval, or on end-user commercialization and requires development and manufacturing support, we can deliver engineered biomaterials and/or finished products to meet your specified needs.

Our scientific team has extensive experience in collagen chemistry, collagen characterization, aseptic processing, medical device manufacture, cell therapies and pharmaceuticals. In addition to our range of standard products we have developed many specific types of collagen as well as unique products, which include collagen gels, sponges, sheets, powders, foams and fibrous membranes. We also can offer a range of semi-processed tissues such as pericardium, bone, tendon, and blood vessels for clinical application.

Custom Collagen Formulations

Many factors influence the success of a biomedical device. In the case where natural biomaterials must perform to meet specific criteria, customers can count on our science team to help engineer the most effective material and formulation for end use.

We build long-term relationships by working closely with customers. This allows you to trial various collagen formulations. We can help you to optimize your processes and device design and take advantage of existing product properties, or we can adjust an existing product to meet your needs.

Regulatory Services

We are an approved supplier for a number of world-class medical device companies with strict quality and regulatory standards including compliance with GMP, EDQM, ISO13485 & 22442.

We also understand and satisfy regulatory requirements for animal tissue use in jurisdictions across the world. We acquire and maintain certifications that allow us to provide you with high-quality, compliant products. This means you can focus on the end use for your product, rather than on complicated regulatory regimes.


Medical Grade Collagen

Bovine Collagen: High Purity, Variable Form Factors

Collagen Solutions' manufactures purified, medical grade collagen products from bovine sources under carefully monitored and controlled conditions to meet customer specifications. Customers use our high-purity collagen in tissue matrices for medical and surgical support devices, including dental, orthopedic, hemostatic and other applications.

All products are manufactured in our ISO 13485 certified facilities.

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Bovine Pericardium: Strong, Elastic, Durable

Pericardium is a tough, double-layered membrane which covers the heart. Bovine pericardium is harvested, cleaned, and processed as a biomaterial for use in a number of clinical applications.
Principally composed of collagen, bovine pericardium provides strength and elasticity. Bovine pericardium is used extensively in applications including bio-prosthetic heart valves, dural closure, bone and dental membranes, and surgical buttressing. Collagen Solutions offers a variety of tissue harvesting, selection and cross-linking procedures and options to meet manufacturer’s requirements.

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Other Biomaterials: BSE-free bovine biomaterials

Collagen Solutions sources, develops and manufactures functional, medical grade collagen for use in medical devices, research and regenerative medicine.

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Collagen Biomaterials

​Collagen-based biomaterials have a large range of applications both in vivo and in vitro.
In vivo, collagen-based tissue is used in skin replacement, bone substitutes, and to generate artificial blood vessels and valves. Collagen is also used in drug delivery systems including, shields in ophthalmology, sponges for burns/wounds, mini-pellets and tablets for protein delivery, gel formulation in combination with liposomes for sustained drug delivery, as controlling material for transdermal delivery, and nanoparticles for gene delivery and basic matrices for cell culture systems. In vitro, collagen scaffolds contribute to research in cancer, electrophysiological protocols, neuron myelination, immunology and many other areas.

Excellent biocompatibility due to weak antigenicity and safety due to biodegradability, makes collagen a primary resource in medical applications.

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Principally composed of collagen, bovine pericardium provides strength and extensibility.
Pericardium is a tough, double-layered, collagenous membrane which covers the heart in all species. The space between the two membrane layers is filled with a fluid which protects the heart from external shock. The tissue is suitable for fabrication of heart valve leaflets and other cardiac device biomaterial applications such as vascular patching and repair. It is also used widely for surgical buttressing such as in pelvic floor reconstruction and bariatric stomach reduction.

Specialty Example Products
Heart valves
Vascular closure
General & Gastroenterology surgery Staple line reinforcement
Hernia reinforcement
Women's health Pelvic floor reconstruction
Heart Valves

Neonatal bovine pericardium is a good candidate tissue for use as leaflets in percutaneous bioprosthetic heart valves delivered using a trans-catheter method because it is thinner and more elastic than the adult form. Collagen Solutions has been granted a patent for the preparation and use of neonatal pericardium for several applications. 2014 New Research shows Neonatal Pericardia have Properties Useful for Heart Valve Leaflets

Hernia Repair

Repairing complex hernias in patients with severe obesity, diabetes, and exposed synthetic mesh can pose challenges for surgeons. Compromised circulation makes people vulnerable to postoperative infection and limits a full recovery without subsequent hernias. Selecting a biological graft that revascularizes quickly increases the chance of successful recovery. Bovine pericardium has a proven record of decreasing the risk of postoperative infection and assist in preventing hernia recurrence.

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

Pelvic organ prolapse refers to loss of support of the anterior or posterior vaginal wall or the vaginal apex leading to protrusion into or out the vaginal canal of the bladder, rectum, small bowel, and uterus. Surgeons have recently begun to explore the use of bovine pericardium to replace weak tissues that permit prolapse.

Staple Line Reinforcement

Surgeons performing bariatric stomach reductions staple a portion of the stomach shut. The staple line is a weak point and can bleed or leak, so they use bovine pericardium as a reinforcing material to strengthen the staple line prior to closure.

Vascular Patches

Bovine pericardial patches have several advantages compared to prosthetic patches, including superior biocompatability, easy handling, less suture line bleeding and possibly reduced rates of infection. These advantages of bovine pericardium have led to its common use during carotid endarterectomy.

Jamal Rushdy, Chief Executive Officer

Jamal brings over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry in successful entrepreneurial and high growth public companies. Jamal has extensive commercial and operational leadership experience including leading global orthopedic and biologics product marketing teams at DJO and Tornier (now Wright Medical), as well as a successful track record of building shareholder value through business development transactions. He has helped achieve successful exits for private equity and angel investors as a founding member or senior executive of four medical device companies. Jamal earned an MBA from U.C. Irvine and a BSME from U.C. San Diego.

Gill Black, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Gill Black brings her extensive, board-level financial experience to Collagen Solutions, having been financial director and company secretary at A&E Russell, where she was instrumental in their expansion before taking them through a subsequent acquisition by Bunzl in 2008. After spending two years as head of finance at AKP Scotland, she became head of finance and company secretary of GVA James Barr, a privately owned property consultancy business which merged in 2013 with top-5 UK independent, GVA Grimley. Previously, Gill was a senior manager at KPMG, Glasgow where she led a team advising many high-growth businesses. Gill holds an MA in accountancy and economics from the University of Dundee and is a Chartered Accountant and ICAS member.

Stewart White, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Stewart White was CEO of Collbio and has recent and direct board experience of an AIM quoted company. Stewart has international experience in operations, business and product development, and 'Good Manufacturing Practices' (GMP) compliant manufacturing of collagen medical devices, advanced biologics and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in both Small to Medium Enterprises as well as global pharmaceutical companies. Stewart is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde and holds a First Class degree in Applied Microbiology, a PhD in Fermentation Technology and Bioprocessing and an MBA.

Geoff Bennett, Executive Director

Geoff co-founded Southern Lights Biomaterials in 2003 and as CEO was responsible for guiding the company to a dominant position in biomaterials and regenerative medicine. He has financial and operational experience including previously holding the chief financial role at three publicly traded Canadian companies (Pelorus Navigation Systems Inc., Circle Energy Inc. and Solid State Geophysical Inc.) as well as experience of early stage enterprises specialising in technology commercialisation, such as InnerVision Medical Technologies Inc. where he held the position of COO. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Tom Hyland, Chief Operating Officer

Mr Hyland has a wealth of experience in the field of collagen chemistry and the development, manufacturing, validation and engineering requirements of collagen-based medical devices. He is a recognised expert in the field as a six sigma black belt, and has played a major role in bringing a number of highly successful collagen-based products to market. Tom has worked with an impressive list of global life science companies, including Johnson and Johnson Wound Management where he was involved in the identification and commercialisation of a series of products which now have global sales exceeding £50m per annum. He was also employed at Microsulis, Intercell, Alere and Invitrogen, in a range of senior operational roles in the areas of Drugs, Diagnostics & Interventional Devices, manufacture scale up and production technology.

John Higgins, PhD, Director of Science and Technology for SLB

John is a biochemical engineer and life science start-up enthusiast, with a focus on R+D and strategy development and execution. John has been integral to the success of Southern Lights Biomaterials (SLB). He has particular expertise in understanding the performance characteristics of proteins and polymers in the manufacturing process and system characterisation. He developed SLB's Type I collagen process and the pericardium preservation process. John holds a PhD in Biotechnology and a B. Tech (Biotech) from Massey University and an M.E. (Chem) from the University of Canterbury.

Jacqueline Burgin, Senior Scientist

Jacqueline Burgin has worked in the biomedical polymer field since 1987 with significant experience in product development to scale-up and manufacturing. During her career Jacqueline has been co-inventor on 17 patents with most of these patents utilizing collagen in medical devices. Other areas of research include polyethylene glycols, glyco-amino glycans and hyaluronic acid, obtained during a career with companies such as Allergan, Inamed and Collagen Corporation. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California.

Diane Mitchell, Vice-President Commercial Development

Diane has over 10 years sales and marketing experience in collagen and medical devices and has significant experience managing a diverse customer base which includes blue-chip companies, academic collaborators and start-ups. During her career Diane has also established distribution networks for both biomaterials and electronics devices through multi-channel programs. Diane holds a Bachelors in Business and an MBA from the University of Phoenix and is responsible for marketing materials, trade shows, distribution and developing sales and marketing strategies for Collagen Solutions.

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