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Concepta is a UK- based Women’s Healthcare company which has been founded to help women with unexplained infertility to conceive.
Typically, medical intervention for infertility does not start until 12 months of a woman unsuccessfully trying to conceive, with IVF only being offered after two years of trying to conceive in most countries.

Research indicates that couples start to take positive action way ahead of this time and there is often little medical support to help them do so. This can lead to a long and worrying wait for women and families, not knowing whether anything is wrong or not.

We were founded in 2013, by a team of leading professionals with the sole mission to develop innovative products that can provide crucial guidance to women and couples with unexplained infertility and to help them conceive.

In this vein, we have successfully developed a proprietary platform and fertility product for home self-testing or for the doctor’s office


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MyLotus addresses the issue of timing of intercourse in relation to your fertility hormones.

It can detect the actual concentration of the hormones in a woman’s urine sample allowing detailed analysis into issues with ovulation and fertility that aren’t available with other home tests on the market. This kind of data highlights the key dates in the cycle when the woman is the most fertile, improving chances of conception as well as potential areas where the woman can seek specialised medical advice.

You can only conceive for two fertile days in any given cycle, so being able to accurately predict when these days will fall is crucial. The easy-to-use MyLotus ovulation test enables this by measuring the level of lutenising hormone (LH) in your urine. A surge in LH level indicates that ovulation is likely to happen in the next 24-48 hours.

This test will measure the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in your urine. This is the hormone that is produced when you are pregnant.

Like other pregnancy tests the product can pick up a pregnancy early, but reliability improves the closer you get to the missed period. The app will ask you to begin testing yourself in the 2 days prior to your expected period and the test is 99% reliable when conducted on the day of the missed period.

A free downloadable app allows you to track your fertility on your mobile. The app will learn about your individual cycle and will send you a prompt when a test should be done.

The app can be used as a stand alone fertility tracker or combined with the MyLotus test to add real personalised data to the tracker. This is particularly useful to women who are struggling to conceive with standard home testing kits or cycle-based fertility trackers.

When used in a combined way the app will store details from your past tests and previous cycles and could provide valuable information for your doctor which could, for example, allow them to better identify the day of conception and to calculate your due date.


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