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Rex Bionics (AIM: RXB) is the UK AIM-listed pioneer of the REX Robot that enhances the mobility of wheel-chair users. Founded in Auckland, New Zealand by two robotics engineers with first-hand experience of wheelchair users and their needs, Rex Bionics is working with physiotherapists to develop the practice of Robot-Assisted Physiotherapy (RAP). In a session of RAP, REX lifts patients from...

Rex Bionics PLC

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Big picture - Why invest in Rex Bionics PLC

Rex is making progress on its commercial priorities: clinical data, distributor recruitment, reference centres, US development and new medical applications.

Rex Bionics PLC Snapshot

REX® is the world’s first hands-free, self-supporting, independently controlled robotic walking device.

REX is the first robotic walking device available which:

  • Does not require crutches or a walking frame to provide stability, leaving the hands free;
  • Can be used by people with a complete spinal cord injury up to the C4/5 level;
  • Protects the shoulders from injury, thereby safeguarding independence; and
  • Addresses the medical complications of wheelchair use.


REX is 100% self supporting.

No frames, no crutches, no stress. All the benefits of standing and walking, but with minimal impact on the shoulders and leaving the hands free. We understand that, for wheelchair users,  protecting the health of their shoulders is important, as is the ability to use their hands, which is why REX is designed to allow hands-free standing and walking. Working, painting, cooking, or hugging; hands-free.


Sit, stand, walk and turn with a simple joystick control.

REX features a state-of-the-art robotics system. REX Personal has 29 on-board processors, and REX Rehab has 27; providing safety, comfort, convenience, and utility with the slightest touch.


Stability and safety are paramount.

It can be daunting, after being in a wheelchair, to experience the sensation of standing and moving about. This is why REX is designed for maximum stability in every position. Even when powered off while standing, REX won’t be any less stable. REX is built to comply with all relevant safety standards.


REX is designed to be secure and comfortable.

With four double tethered leg straps, an upper harness, and abdominal support, security is simple yet ample. Specially designed cuffs hold the legs firmly, but without creating pressure points. REX is constructed from hospital grade materials, including hypoallergenic, pressure relieving foam padding which prevents pressure areas from forming.


REX is convenient.

Powered by a rechargeable, interchangeable battery, REX Personal can walk continuously for over two hours on one charge, and because REX is designed to be inherently stable, it doesn’t use any power when standing. Spend hours at the work bench, painting, or chatting to friends. REX is designed for life.


REX is a hands-free robotic mobility device for rehabilitation.

Designed for people with mobility impairments, REX is completely self-supporting and rapidly adjustable for each user, opening up the rehabilitative benefits to a wide range of people.

Rex Bionics is working with physiotherapists to develop the practice of Robot-Assisted Physiotherapy (RAP). In a session of RAP, REX lifts patients from a sitting position into a robot-supported standing position, allowing them to take part in a set of supported walking and stretching exercises, designed by specialist physiotherapists.

REX also limits the burden on the therapists during manual handling and reduces the amount of help required to assist patients who are undergoing standing therapy.

Wheelchair users are at risk of developing numerous medical complications from extended periods of sitting. By enabling them to spend more time standing, walking and exercising, REX may offer significant health benefits. A programme of clinical trials is now under way to evaluate these potential benefits.



REX P, for use in the home, enables users to walk and stand with their hands free – providing more work and recreation options.

REX P is a robotic mobility device designed for use at work or home.

Custom built for the individual, REX P opens up a world of social, recreational and work opportunities as your mobility is enhanced.

REX P is completely self-supporting, giving you the freedom to use your hands, whilst remaining stable and balanced.

Please note that REX P is not registered with the US FDA and is not available for sale within the USA.


David Macfarlane- Non-executive Chairman

Crispin Simon- Chief Executive Officer

Peter Worrall - Chief Financial Officer

Richard Little- Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of RBL

Non-Executive Directors

Jeremy Curnock Cook - Deputy Chairman

Dr William Hunter - Non-Executive Director

Victoria Provis - Non-Executive director

John Roden Plimmer - Non-Executive Director

Joseph A. Cucolo- Non-Executive Director


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As at 25th August 2016, the Company’s major shareholders are:
Shareholders Amount Holding %
Hunter Hall Investment
Management Limited
4,583,336 17.96%
OFM trustee for the Asia
Pacific Healthcare Fund II
3,657,743 14.34%
Paul Matthews 3,456,372 13.55%
Maxhealth Medicine Group
Co Ltd.
3,333,333 13.00%
Fidelity Management &
1,428,936 5.60%
NZVIF Investments Ltd 1,406,683 5.51%
Haiyin Equity Investments LC 1,083,333 4.25%

Rex Bionics Ltd

58 Apollo Drive


Auckland 0632

New Zealand


PO Box 302412

North Harbour

Auckland 0751

New Zealand

(+64) 9 440 9741

[email protected]



UK Office

Thame Park

Thame Park Road


Oxfordshire OX9 3PU

United Kingdom

+44 (0) 781 086 6386

[email protected]


To call Rex from within the USA:

Tel: +1 800-687-0141

Company Secretary

Keith Robinson

c/o Sherrards Solicitors LLP

7 Swallow Place




Registered Office

Rex Bionics PLC

7 Swallow Place




Nominated Advisor and Broker

Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited

150 Cheapside





Grant Thornton UK LLP

Grant Thornton House

Melton Street

Euston Square

London NW1 2EP


Solicitors to the Company

Simmons & Simmons LLP


1 Ropemaker Street




Financial PR

Consilium Strategic Communications

41 Lothbury





Share Registrars Limited

Suite E First Floor

9 Lion & Lamb Yard




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