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Sareum Holdings plc is a drug discovery and development company delivering targeted small molecule therapeutics, focusing on cancer and autoimmune disease, for licensing to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at the preclinical or early clinical trials stage.

Sareum works alongside collaborators (SRI International, the CRT Pioneer Fund and Hebei Medical University Biomedical...

Sareum Holdings Plc

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Big picture - Why invest in Sareum Holdings Plc

Sareum Holdings Plc Snapshot

Our strategy

Sareum’s strategy is to develop programmes to late pre-clinical or early clinical stages to take advantage of the higher asset values associated with licensing programmes at these stages.


  • Pursue multiple programmes
  • Seek collaboration partners
  • Develop programmes to pre-clinical/
  • early clinical development


  • Increase potential success rate
  • Mitigate development risk
  • Spread financial cost and risk
  • Introduce specialist research expertise
  • Minimise ongoing development risk
  • Move up value chain
  • Potential for higher deal values


What we do

Sareum discovers and develops innovative drug candidates aimed at cancers and autoimmune diseases. Our drug development programmes aim to improve outcomes for patients with serious medical conditions and where current therapies are inadequate.

We are currently actively pursuing the following drug discovery and development programmes:



How we work

Sareum operates a lean business model to deliver the most productive return for our research spend. This is accomplished by:

  • maintaining a low cost base by having a small in-house team
  • undertaking laboratory-based research using external providers
  • engaging in research and development collaborations to share costs and access expertise
  • having access to a worldwide network of expert research providers to progress programmes
  • pursuing multiple drug development programmes to reduce the risk to the company
  • This enables us to develop a strong pipeline of drug candidates and associated intellectual property as efficiently as possible to late or early clinical stages in order to attract licensors.


Sareum's pipeline is built on the drug discovery expertise of its founders, particularly in the field of cancer.

Sareum operates as a "virtual" research organisation i.e. all our laboratory-based research is carried out in the laboratories of collaborators or third-party providers. This enables us to access drug discovery expertise throughout the world with a very flexible cost base.


Discovery Programmes Aug15

Drug discovery

Sareum’s drug discovery focuses on targeted small molecule therapeutics.  These are designed to disrupt the biochemical processes that drive the growth of cancers and development of auto-immune diseases. 

Biochemical process:

Certain cancer cells are able to repair DNA damage making them resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cancer cells develop differently from normal cells in many ways. In particular, cancer cells divide and grow much more rapidly than normal cells.

Once a solid tumour reaches a certain size, it often connects to the body's lymph systems to remove waste. The lymph system often creates a route for a cancer to spread to other areas of the body (metastasis). Disrupting the signals that are involved in the generation of new lymph vessels to a tumour.

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases can be caused by excess production of cytokines (signalling molecules).  

Sareum’s approach:

Targeting the biochemical processes that enable cancer cells to repair damaged DNA.

Targeting the biochemical processes that control cell growth and division.

Disrupting the signals that are involved in the generation of new lymph vessels to a tumour.

Targeting the signalling processes associated with these cytokines.

Why targeted small molecule therapeutics?

Targeted cancer therapies disrupt specific biochemical processes necessary for tumour growth. These processes are specific to cancer cells and therefore may be:

  • more effective than other types of treatments, e.g. chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • less harmful to normal cells;

Small molecule therapeutics are different to "biological" drugs such as antibodies. They can:

penetrate into the interior of a cancer cells
be targeted at the full range of processes in a biochemical pathways; and
have the potential of being able to be administered orally (e.g. as a pill) rather than by injection


Discovery platform

Sareum’s SKIL® (Sareum Kinase Inhibitor Library) discovery platform is based on a chemical template which can be adapted to inhibit many different kinases. SKIL compounds demonstrate high potency with good selectivity. Lead compounds have been developed that are suitable for i.v. or oral administration.

The intellectual property surrounding the SKIL chemical template, specific examples and their uses is protected by granted and pending patents.

The SKIL platform has generated compounds for Sareum's Aurora+FLT3, ALK and VEGFR-3 kinase cancer programmes and its TYK2 and FLT3 auto-immune disease programmes.

We routinely screen SKIL compounds to discover leads against new kinase targets. Due to our strong IP position, these leads have very low exposure to competitors' "submarine" patents (patents that have been filed but not yet published).

SKIL Diagram


For more information please click here


Stephen Parker DPhil, MBA - Non-executive Chairman

Dr Stephen Parker, aged 57, has a career in the healthcare and pharma sector that spans over 30 years, including six years in the City in advisory roles. He has sector corporate finance experience having been an investment banker focusing on pharma and biotechnology with Barings, Warburg and Apax Partners and has previously held roles as a partner at Celtic Pharma and Chief Financial Officer of Oxford GlycoSciences. Stephen also currently hold the position of Chairman at Silence Therapeutics plc.

Tim Mitchell PhD - Founder and CEO

Dr Tim Mitchell, aged 55, has a wide breadth of management, business and research expertise gained over 25 years in the biotech, large pharmaceutical and research service companies.

He is the inventor of Oblean® (cetilistat) which Takeda have obtained sales approval in the Japanese market for the treatment of obesity with complications.

Prior to co-founding Sareum he was Director of Structure-Based Discovery at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Director of Computational Chemistry at Cambridge Discovery Chemistry, and Team Leader at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. Tim has a PhD in Computational Chemistry and a BSc in Chemistry.

John Reader PhD - Founder and CSO

Dr John Reader, aged 49, has over 20 years' experience within the industry. His previous roles include Associate Director, Chemical Technologies at Millennium Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Ltd, Pharmacopeia Inc., and Cambridge Discovery Chemistry.

John has an excellent track record of delivering successful drug research projects. He has authored or co-authored many publications and patents on small molecule drug discovery. John is a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College and has a PhD in Chemistry and a BSc in Applied Chemistry.

Scientific Advisory Board

Harry Finch PhD

Dr Finch has many years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and is currently Executive Vice President at Pulmagen Therapeutics. He was previously Executive VP of Argenta Discovery, a Director at RiboTargets and spent 24 years at GlaxoSmithKline and its predecessor companies, latterly as Director of Chemistry for UK Research & Development.

Harry has extensive experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas. He was a co-inventor of Salmeterol (Serevent; GSK), a successful long-acting bronchodilator for asthma and has 45 patents and 49 publications to his name.

Bob Jackson PhD

Dr Jackson was formerly Chief Scientific Officer at the cancer drug discovery company, Cyclacel Limited. Prior to that, he held senior research positions at Celltech, Agouron, DuPont and Warner-Lambert. Dr Jackson has led teams that have developed 26 compounds to clinical trials, including the Aurora Kinase inhibitor CYC116, and gained his PhD in biochemistry from the University of London.

Head office

Sareum Limited.
Unit 2A, Langford Arch
London Road, Pampisford
CB22 3FX
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 1223 497700
fax: +44 (0) 1223 497701
email. [email protected]

Joint Broker
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Birchin Court
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