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VolitionRx pilot study published for peer review

"Circulating nucleosomes as new blood-based biomarkers for detection of colorectal cancer" - not a particularly snappy title, but a descriptive one
Blood cells
Publishing papers for peer review is a key element of scientific progress

VolitionRx Limited (NYSEMKT:VNRX) has had a research paper entitled "Circulating nucleosomes as new blood-based biomarkers for detection of colorectal cancer" published in Clinical Epigenetics.

The study was in collaboration with the CHU UCL Namur, Site de Mont Godinne, Belgium.

Publishing papers for peer review is a key element of scientific progress, and Volition’s chief executive officer, Cameron Reynolds, expressed his delight at the reporting of one of the company’s earlier pilot studies.

“To detect colorectal cancer and pre-cancerous polyps with such high accuracy is extremely encouraging, particularly the high early-stage detection. We are focused on using these exciting results to develop our frontline product. Our product development process involves large trials of thousands of patients and extensive assay development work at our new purpose-built facility in Belgium," Reynolds said.

Professor Jean-François Rahier, the lead author of the paper, added: "The development of better methods for the early detection of colorectal cancer is critical for the improvement of patients' survival rates. We have found that a Nu.Q panel test detects colorectal cancer and pre-cancer with high accuracy, indicating it may prove to be useful as a routine clinical colorectal cancer blood test."

READ VolitionRx Ltd hails positive results from its Nu.Q studies

The results in early stage cancers were shown to be particularly positive in comparison to the current, most commonly used blood test for colorectal cancer, Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA).

Up against CEA, the four Nu.Q tests demonstrated colorectal cancer detection accuracy of 74% at 90% specificity, whereas the CEA results gave a detection rate of 35% of cancers overall at 90% specificity.

Perhaps more importantly, the Nu.Q tests detected all stages of the cancer, whereas CEA detected no stage I cancers.

“Not only did the study show very good early stage detection with Nu.Q assays, it also demonstrated high pre-cancer polyp detection, with a different Nu.Q panel of four assays detecting 62% of polyps at 90% specificity,” Volition said.

“These are both extremely encouraging outcomes of the study,” it added.

Shares in VolitionRx were up 3.9% at US$3.49 in mid-morning trading.

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