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Optibiotix’s SweetBiotix sugar substitute gets thumbs up from taste testers

SweetBiotix is made up of sweet natural healthy fibres which aren’t digested and, as a result, are calorie-free
sugar in a bowl
A common complaint with current sugar substitutes is that what is gained in health benefits is lost in taste

OptiBiotix Health PLC’s (LON:OPTI) calorie-free sugar substitute, SweetBiotix, has been given the thumbs up from expert taste testers at the University of Reading.

Ten experienced panellists from the Flavour and Sensory Science Centre at the University of Reading tested six customised oligosaccharides developed from high intensity sweeteners.

WATCH: Zak Mir on Optibiotix

They found that the customised oligosaccharides showed sweetness of between 140x and 223x that of sucrose at equivalents, while the oligosaccharides derived from Stevia showed a large reduction in bitterness whilst not affecting its sweetness.

Opti has often repeated its claim that its SweetBiotix technology has the potential to address public health concerns over the impact of sugar on obesity. As the natural SweetBiotix fibres are not digested in the human gut, they are calorie-free.

Concerns over sugar and artificial sweeteners

“We are really pleased with the results of this study which opens up opportunities for the development of a range of natural sweet prebiotic fibres which can be used to replace sugar in food and beverages,” said chief executive Stephen O’Hara.

“These may be classified as dietary fibres, which from an industry and consumer perspective, creates the prospect of substituting high calorie sugars with sweet healthy fibres.

“With growing public and political concerns over traditional sugars and artificial sweeteners OptiBiotix is leading research in an area of growing industry interest.”

Patent applications

Given that the global sweetener market, currently dominated by sugar, is expected to hit US$121bn by 2022, OptiBiotix is set to file for additional patents to further protect its existing intellectual property.

Shares edged 3.1% higher in early deals on Tuesday to 66p.

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