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Friday Night develops new high cannabinoid strain of pot

The new strain is called 'Naughty Cookies' and the company thinks "it will inevitably become a favorite in Las Vegas"
Cannabis plants
The creator of the new strain is confident habitues of Las Vegas will go potty for it

Friday Night Inc (CNSX:TGIF) has appointed Dr AnthonyTorres, MD, a specialist in the separation sciences of biological molecules, to its board of advisors.

The recreational marijuana producer and distributor said Dr Torres would bring a deep understanding of the cannabis plant and its molecular structure.

“I am very interested in applying traditional laboratory processes to the rapidly developing field of molecular cannabis,” Dr Torres proclaimed. 

“I believe that there are many positive applications for the natural benefits of this plant in modern medicine and that it has the potential to help hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of people,” he added.

Meanwhile, Friday Night provided an update on the genetics breeding program at its 91% owned subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Association (AMA).

AMA has spent several months cross breeding existing strains of cannabis in the hope of creating an improved cannabis product that is exclusive to AMA,

One such strain that it has developed has been dubbed 'Naughty Cookies', as it is a cross between the high-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 'Girl Scout Cookies' strain with the high-yielding 'Juggernaut' strain.

“The buds are very frosty, aesthetically pleasing and dense with light purple coloration,” Friday Night said.

This week the company received the first test results from the strain, and they showed the cannabinoid content was higher than any strain AMA had seen in the last three years, and the THC content came back as 34.9%. 

AMA must have had an inkling the results would be good, because it cultivated more than 70 of these plants that will be flowered during the next growing cycle; so far the plants are yielding in excess of two pounds per light of dried flower.

“This gives us a competitive edge in a market which we now control,” declared Ben Horner, AMA's director of operations and the man behind the creation of the new strain. 

“When new cultivators come on board, we will be the only producer with this strain.  I feel it will inevitably become a favorite in Las Vegas,” he said.


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