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Market: CSE:LILY
52-week High/Low: C$0.38 / C$0.10
Sector: Pharma & Biotech
Market Cap: C$3.62M

Callitas Health Inc: (OTCQB: MPHMF) OTC & Pharma R&D company focused on sexual wellness, anti-obesity and cannabis delivery technology.

Callitas Health Inc.

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Big picture - Why invest in Callitas Health Inc.

Callitas Health Inc. Snapshot

Formed in early 2015, Callitas Health Inc. is a clinical-stage company developing innovative technologies for obesity, weight management, CBD/Cannabis delivery and female health and wellness. Founded on Midwest values, our Cincinnati-based company is people-focused, always looking for ways to benefit our customers, shareholders, and employees. Our company was built on strong work ethic, honesty, and a desire to help others. Our number one goal is helping people by bringing products to market that improve quality of life. All our drug treatments and biomedical technologies fit our mission to deliver breakthrough products and services that reduce invasiveness and enhance daily living. In addition to its recent acquisitions of C-103, a reformulation of Orlistat, Extrinsa, and assets from 40J’s LLC, Callitas successfully launched ToConceive in North America as a clinically proven option for couples struggling with the inability to conceive.

Our Mission

Always looking forward, we continually stay up-to-date on developing news and trends in the pharmaceutical industry. We are always looking for products, drugs and technologies that will benefit our customers. As a publicly-traded company, our shareholders are also important to us. Our goal is to make decisions that directly benefit them and show our appreciation for their support in our company.

As a company with its roots in female health and wellness, we are committed to delivering breakthrough products and services that truly improve daily living. Our logo, the beautiful and strong Calla Lily, represents our mission and goals.


Based on the science from the 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine for In-Vitro Fertilization and Sperm Capacitation, ToConceive is a fertility enhancing moisturizer. It is clinically proven to increase a woman’s own natural conception lubrication, called transudate, to aid in conception. This increase in natural transudate is required for sperm capacitation, the process that allows the sperm to travel the required distance to the ovum and have the appropriate chemical makeup for successful conception to occur. ToConceive is supported by FDA 510K clearance and is protected by four USPTO patents.

  • FDA cleared and based on the 2010 Nobel Prize for Medicine
  • All-natural and paraben-free
  • Promotes sperm capacitation, a key component to conception

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C-103 Reformulated Orlistat

The reformulation of Orlistat, C-103 maintains its proven efficacy while minimizing or eliminating undesirable side effects. Orlistat is FDA-approved for weight management and sold by Roche as Xenical® (prescription) and by GlaxoSmithKline as alli® (over-the-counter). Safe and effective, the C-103 reformulation addresses the adverse side effects reported by over 90% of Orlistat users. Orlistat is not an amphetamine, not systemically absorbed, and does not affect the central nervous system. It is also the only FDA-approved weight loss drug for adolescent patients, ages 12-18.

  • Addresses 90% of the negative side effects of orlistat
  • FDA-approved for over-the-counter use
  • Safe alternative for weight loss

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Created to address the lack of female sexual dysfunction solutions, Extrinsa focuses on women with orgasm and arousal difficulties. The topical, local, and non-systemic product is also non-hormonal and does not affect the central nervous system. Callitas recently received a trademark from the US Patent Office and is working with Camargo Pharmaceutical Services to bring the product to market.

  • Well-tolerated by most women
  • Safe, natural and effective
  • Addresses major need for a female sexual dysfunction product

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Gary A. Thompson, B.S.
President and CEO

30 years plus of sales and management experience in Fortune 500 health care organizations and start-up pharmaceutical companies
Served as Vice President of Sales for Cigna Healthcare, managing billions of dollars of assets over his career

Management and leadership roles with start-up ventures including ToConceive LLC., (510K FDA Clearance) in women’s health and wellness, and in the obesity space as President of Callitas’ newly acquired Chelatexx, LLC., C-103 reformulated orlistat.


Dr. Christopher Andrews, M.D., MSc, FRCPC

Gastroenterologist, faculty member of the Department of Medicine at the University of Calgary and graduate of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
Specialist in stomach disorders and physiology, with advanced training in gastrointestinal motility and function

Master’s Degree in Clinical Health Research from the Mayo Clinic


D. Richard Skeith, BA/JD

BA (Hons) in Economics, University of Alberta; JD Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
Practicing lawyer with specialized focus on publicly traded companies

Broad experience as an Officer or Director of multiple public companies in sectors including pharmaceuticals, mining, oil and gas, and real estate


Kim E. Whittemore, B.S.
Management Consultant

University of Pennsylvania International Relations graduate, completed MIT executive courses in Computer Science and has an advanced certificate in digital marketing
Held senior executive positions with DecisionOne Corporation, Verizon and AT&T after beginning her career at the National Security Agency (NSA)

Vast experience in the fields of digital health, wearable tech and women’s health, and works with clients on business strategy and digital marketing through her management consulting practice


William A. Rodgers, Jr., B.S.
President and CEO of Four 12 Solutions

Senior executive management background with both publicly traded and private equity backed businesses. Key expertise with acquisition and start up activities, leading the expansion of businesses and new market entry.
Held several Senior Executive level positions at Fortune 150 Corporations, including Waste Management, Inc., Johnson Controls, Inc. and EMCOR Group.

Former President and Chief Executive Officer for GoodCents Holdings, Inc. and currently CEO and President of Four 12 Solutions assisting companies achieve aggressive growth objectives and enhancing operational effectiveness.


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Suite 200
Newport, Kentucky 41071



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187 Pavilion Parkway
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Newport, Kentucky 41071

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