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Iconic Labs is a new media and technology business focussed on providing online marketing, content and technology driven products to allow companies to increase consumer engagement and create iconic brands.  Leveraging the team's unique knowledge and expertise of content and technology gained from their time at UNILAD, which achieved revenues in excess of £10 million per annum, the Company...

WideCells Group

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Social first has allowed sites like UNILAD to amass a huge audience with very little capital injection, but what is social first publishing and how is it changing the nature of content and advertising?

WideCells Group Snapshot

We are leading a transformation in cord blood banking and stem cell treatment; making cord blood banking more accessible through insurance coverage, and increasing the availability of cord blood for transplants.

WideCells Group PLC blends a unique business model with an expert team to bring promising cord blood banking and stem cell therapy from the lab to the real world of family healthcare protection.

We founded WideCells Group PLC to leverage that expertise to create a truly unique, wholly sustainable group of companies; complementing each other and all striving to positively shape the future of the industries we work in.


Welcome To WideCells Group Healthcare

Our proposition is simple: we want to help the cord blood banking industry solve their problems through innovative insurance and finance solutions.

CellPlan is the world’s first global stem cell healthcare plan, designed to revolutionise stem cell healthcare by making stem cell transplants affordable for families who require treatment for life threatening diseases.

The company is committed to provided a solution to a major problem in the cord blood banking market. Worldwide, around three million people have stored their newborn’s umbilical cord blood, which contains potentially life saving stem cells, in over 500 cord blood banks to protect their families against future illness. But future treatments, if required, can cost up hundreds of thousands of pounds meaning the majority of families will not be able to afford the treatment.

CellPlan not only gives families the opportunity to safeguard their future, by providing cover for those who store stem cells, but also includes several services to help patients obtain the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan.

In addition to providing medical and financial support for families requiring stem cell treatment, CellPlan also includes a unique global membership programme, called Excel, for cord blood banks.


Welcome to WideCells Group Science

We pour commitment, passion and a drive for perfection in every human tissue we bank. Our WideCells business is leading the way in the development and use of cell banking services that will help set the standard for the future.

WideCells is the most established arm of the Group, which has historically offered stem cell processing, retrieval and storage services in Spain and Portugal. The Group has been offering umbilical cord stem cells processing and storage services under its BabyCells brand in Portugal since early 2014.

The Group is in the process of establishing and licensing collection, storage and processing facilities at its laboratory at UMIC, which is designed to apply industry-leading techniques to optimise the viability and usability of stem cells, and is well positioned to capture an increasing share of the cord blood banking market in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

Through WideCells Brasil, WideCells is also providing its services in Brazil. WideCells Brasil operates a stem cell laboratory in São Paulo, Brazil, licensed by the Brazilian regulatory authority, the Agência Naciónal de Vigilância Sanitáría (ANVISA).

As such, the company is positioned to store stem cells for individuals anywhere along the age spectrum. With this approach, the directors believe WideCells Group has the potential to grow into a global provider of stem cell services.


Wideacademy is the education and training division of the WideCells group. It aspires to advocate, develop and share thought leadership around stem cell technology, influencing the coming wave of stem cell therapies and the next generation of practitioners.

The driving principle for Wideacademy is to bring thought leadership, advocacy and education around stem cell therapies to a global audience. Many of the world’s general practitioners have not been taught about stem cell innovation and the best practice around therapies whilst at medical school. Similarly, the next generation of doctors and nurses will have little formal education in this exciting and innovative sector of medicine. Given that the insurance industry will be a key partner in facilitating a program of insurance to support this innovative medical practice, (and, ultimately, the wellbeing of their customers). Then there is an urgent case for best practice to be communicated efficiently, objectively and pragmatically, deflecting jargon, and ultimately becoming the trustworthy partner in this journey.

David Sefton
Executive Chairman

David has extensive public and private company board experience in the UK and North America. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Linton Capital LLP, a private equity manager; a director of LRE Capital, a real estate fund manager; and is the founder and Executive Chairman of Anglo African Oil & Gas Plc, an AIM listed exploration and production company. David has made and structured investments and acquisitions across Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and North America, including in the energy, technology, telecoms and media sectors. He completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford and initially practised as a barrister, before joining the New York law firm Cleary Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton. David is registered as an approved person with the Financial Conduct Authority.


Richard Thompson
Non-Executive Director

Richard has extensive experience in private and public companies both on an operational and investing capacity. He began his career at Hillsdown Holdings and has had roles including Chairman of QPR, Leeds Utd and Windsor Racecourse. He was also the founder investor of Fonix, mobile telephony.


Peter Presland
Non-Executive Director

Peter has a track record of building both large and small companies through the development of corporate strategies to create shareholder value. Over his 45-year career he has held numerous chairmanships and directorships spanning a range of sectors including pharmaceutical, healthcare and insurance. He was CFO then CEO for 17 years at C E Heath PLC, a London Stock Exchange listed major international insurance group, and has held previous non-executive positions at East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust, one of the largest Foundation Trusts in the UK, John Holman & Sons Limited, the (then) oldest independent Lloyd’s insurance broker, and Chairman at Link, the UK ATM network.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee is responsible for identifying and advising the Board on new developments within the stem cell sector to ensure that the Group continues to address market demand and offer the most competitive and innovative portfolio of services whilst maintaining a consistent level of operational excellence.

Tristan Mckay

Tristan is Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Head of Genes, Cell & Molecular Biology Group at the Biomedical Research Centre, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University. Tristan leads a group of researchers investigating the signalling pathways underlying cellular reprogramming during differentiation and de-differentiation in development and disease. Previously, he was Reader in Molecular and Cell Services at St. George’s University of London and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Endocrinology, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London. Tristan is a member of numerous international organisations focused on stem cell research and gene therapy and has published original research in leading publications such as Stem Cell Research. Tristan is chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Alawi

Ahmed has significant biotechnical and management experience having previously led a team for the development of a manufacturing process for a major product at Genzyme. He consults and advises on strategic investments, management, manufacturing and innovation, and works closely with leading universities, organisations and businesses on shaping the future of healthcare and innovation globally. Ahmed founded the Middle East Thrombosis Research Institution in the UAE, which boasts 18 research centres. During 2011 to 2013 he was a Programme Director of the HealthCare Programme at the Gulf Research Centre in Cambridge. Ahmed has cross functional experience in international Fortune 500 & FTSE companies having previously held roles at Philips Electronics and being a recipient of a scholarship from Shell International. He also has notable connections in the Middle East having worked within the Omani Government and co-founded RAY International LLC. He is deputy chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee and also Group Managing Director of WideCells Group MENA & Asia-Pacific.

Dr. Niranjan Bhattacharya

Niranjan is a leading Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Kolkata, India who with over 30 years experience has won several industry awards and was named one of the top five cord blood industry influencers by market researcher, BioInformant. He founded the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Translational Science at the Kolkata school of Tropical Medicine, India ( in April 2012 and has written extensively on the topic of cord blood and presented at leading institutions worldwide, including Harvard, University of London, University of Glasgow, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently pioneering highly innovative research projects, such as the use of foetal cell and tissue therapy in degenerative disease; placental umbilical cord blood as an emergency substitute of adult whole blood and; the role of amniotic fluid as a burn dressing.

Dr. Richard Shaffer

Richard is a consultant in Clinical Oncology at St Luke’s Cancer Centre, and Clinical Lead for Radiotherapy Innovation at GenesisCare UK. Prior to this he was Specialist Registrar in Clinical Oncology at Charing Cross Hospital, University College London Hospital, and Royal Free Hospital Hampstead, London, and most recently was a Clinical Fellow in Radiation Oncology at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver. Richard is chair of numerous BioTech and Development Groups spanning several medical fields including cancer, oncology and radiotherapy.

Prof. Peter Hollands

Peter trained at Cambridge University under the supervision of Professor Sir Robert Edwards FRS, the inventor of IVF and Nobel Laureate, gaining a PhD from Cambridge University in stem cell technology. Peter held a post-doctorate position as a Senior Embryologist at the first IVF clinic in the world, Bourn Hall Clinic, and has carried out research in stem cell technology, has written numerous papers and book chapters on stem cell technology, and has been invited to lecture on stem cell technology in the Vatican, House of Lords and the Canadian Parliament. He has also been involved in clinical transplantation as Quality Manager in the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Most recently, Peter was Chief Scientific Officer of Smart Cells Information Ltd., a UK cord blood bank, and Cells for Life Ltd. in Canada.

Key shareholders as at 29th June 2018 which hold more than 3% in the Company

Shareholder Number of Ordinary Shares Share Capital (%)
João Andrade 8,388,333 6.28%
Lopes Gil 8,316,667 6.23%
Miton Group 14,764,502 11.06%
Smaller Company Capital Ltd 6,611,716 4.95%
Dominus Investments 4,311,386 3.2%
Shareholders with >3% 42,392,604 31.75%
David Bridgland 2,070,648 1.55%
Peter Hollands 166,667 0.12%
Alan Greenberg 35,714 0.03%
Peter Presland 1,666,667 1.25%
Malcolm Glaister 500,000 0.37%
David Henriques 1,333,333 1.0%
Marilyn Orcharton 324,762 0.24%
Alvaro Salas 181,663 0.14%
Shares not in Public Hands 48,672,058 36.45%
Shares in Public Hands 84,847,307 63.55%
Total Shares in Issue 133,519,365 100.0%



WideCells Group PLC
Core Technology Facility
46 Grafton Street, Manchester M13 9NT
United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: +44 (0)161 920 7953

Company Secretary

David Vernon Bridgland

Registered Office

Core Technology Facility
46 Grafton Street
M13 9NT


Smaller Company Capital Limited
3rd Floor
15 Eldon Street

Shard Capital Partners LLP
23rd Floor
20 Fenchurch Street

Solicitors to the Company

Fladgate LLP
16 Great Queen Street

Auditors and Reporting Accountants

3 Hardman Street
M3 3AT

Public Relations

St Brides Partners Limited
3 St Michael’s Alley


Share Registrars Limited
Suite E, First Floor
9 Lion and Lamb Yard

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