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Phzio started as an idea to enable Physical Therapists with better access to their patients. We thought that if PTs have line-of-sight to their patients wherever they are, then the PTs are going to create better outcomes for their patients. When access is limited, so are results.

The Physical Therapy industry has always been able to get results for patients when they have been able to...

eWellness Healthcare Corp.

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How Phzio Works

Phzio is a Telehealth Solution

Enter Phzio, a telehealth solution for the Physical Therapy Industry. The use of Digital Treatments have proven to deliver higher levels of patient compliance. Sometimes as high as 90+ percent. Couple patient compliance with the ability to monitor 1-6 patients concurrently and you have a solution that delivers better outcomes and increased profits.


  • Increased Compliance
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Reimbursable
  • HIPAA Enabled

The Patient Experience
Getting the Patient experience right was a critical component of successfully delivering Phzio. Patient’s love how easy it is to get started. They login and click “START”. The interfaces are easy to navigate and understand. Once a patient starts a treatment session they are able to communicate in real-time with their PT via video and text. All patient to PT interactions are recorded and accessible to the PT on-demand. Once the Patient has completed the prescribed exercises they are prompted to record a personal Video Journal that is automatically sent to their PT for review and response.

The PT Experience
The PT’s experience with Phzio is also very easy to use while still being robust and capable. Many of the principles that apply in the clinic also apply in the Phzio environment. You’re monitoring your patients while they perform the exercises you assembled for them. You’re providing realtime feedback and guidance to ensure safety and form and you’re documenting each patient encounter post treatment. In its simplest form you CREATE the Treatment Programs, MONITOR your patients and DOCUMENT the sessions. Same as you would do in the clinic but now you’re doing it remotely.

Just like Patients, you are able to send video messages directly to your patients. This extends your clinics reach and relationship with every patient.


Darwin Fogt
Experienced PT Clinic Operator and Founder of eWellness Healthcare.

Curtis Hollister
Developer of multiple video technology platforms for global enterprises.

David Markowski
Entrepreneur with deep operational expertise and financial markets experience.

Douglas MacLellan
Global growth experience in telecom and pharmaceuticals. Public markets pedigree.


Phzio Telehealth
11825 Major St. Culver City CA 90230, USA
Phone: 1-855-470-1700
Email: [email protected]

Canadian Office:
Phzio Telehealth
Phone: 1-613-608-8889
Email: [email protected]

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