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ChemioCare: (PRIVATE): Biotech company focused on transforming chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) outcomes through transdermal patch technology.


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ChemioCare Snapshot

ChemioCare is a pharmaceutical company working on a proprietary transdermal delivery platform.Focused on improving quality of life and outcomes for patients undergoing chemotherapy, we believe that there is a significant opportunity to improve the profiles of generic medicines included in the standard of care by using transdermal technology.

Unmet medical needs in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting persist:

Up to 28% of chemotherapy patients do not achieve control of nausea and vomiting with the standard of care.
Transdermal patches will address limitations with existing formulations by:

  • Eliminating peak blood levels
  • Reducing overall patient exposure to the medicine
  • Bypassing first pass metabolism
  • Improving patient compliance with a simplified, long-acting dosing regimen

The company is reformulating generic medicines that are well characterized and have a long and robust medical history. As result, ChemioCare will be able to leverage the 505(b)2 regulatory path, enabling:

  • lower risk,
  • a shortened development timeline,
  • and significantly reduced financial investment

Emphasis on focus.

The company is using a lean development approach in a single lead indication to maximize value creation opportunities. There is an exciting opportunity to expand into additional therapeutic areas after accelerating the CINV products to market.

Led by strong Directors and Management with extensive scientific and industry experience.

R&D / Pipeline
Our pipeline of product candidates represents an important opportunity to improve the treatment of patients experiencing CINV. We use proprietary transdermal technology with products that build on the current treatment guidelines.

The company is reformulating generic medicines that are well characterized and have a long and robust medical history. This allows for a shortened development timeline and significantly reduced financial investment and risk by leveraging the 505(b)2 regulatory pathway.

Transdermal technology uses adhesive patches to deliver medicines through the skin. The delivery is a controlled, sustained release over 3-5 days.

Transdermal patches have four key benefits: the first is elimination of peak blood levels. Lower peak blood levels provide the same level of efficacy but avoids or eliminates side effects associated with oral or IV delivery. The second benefit is that by going through the skin, transdermal patches bypass first pass metabolism. This allows for lower overall exposure to a drug and again, reduced side effects.

The fourth key benefit is an improvement of patient compliance with a simplified, long-acting dosing regimen. For chemotherapy patients experiencing uncomfortable nausea and vomiting, eliminating the need to swallow a pill is a clear benefit.

ChemioCare is transforming the four active ingredients below using proprietary formulations and advanced transdermal technology. Transdermal delivery is expected to transform the incidence of adverse events by exposing the patient to significantly lower amounts of the active ingredient, avoiding blood peak levels, and avoiding first-pass metabolism.

Ondansetron transdermal

A 5-HT3 receptor antagonist recommended by all international guidelines for HEC and MEC regimens. The 5H3 Receptor antagonist product class, including Ondansetron, has been associated with effects on the electrical activity of the heart that can lead to sudden death (QT interval prolongation) that resulted in a strong labeled warning for all products in the class. As a result, treatment use is suboptimal with a reduction in both the dose and number of days of use.

In addition, 5HT3 Receptor Antagonists are known to lose efficacy after two days as result of lipid receptor saturation. There is an opportunity to avoid the cardiac warning as result of the lower peak levels characteristic of transdermal patches and potentially extend the duration of efficacy through the full 5 days of delayed CINV treatment.

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An industry executive with a 37-year career in biotechnology and a proven track record of developing turnaround and financing strategies, executing strategic alliances, and building commercial and R&D capabilities. Former President and CEO of Asterias Biotherapeutics and Optimer Pharmaceuticals with 16 years experience at Pfizer Inc as President of Global Primary Care and President of Europe.
He currently serves on Board of Directors for Gemphire Therapeutics and Sanfer de Mexico and sits on the Advisory Board of Zero Gravity.   He holds an MBA degree from Wharton School of Business and an engineering degree from the National University of Mexico.


Broad experience in development of CINV products; including successful registration and launch of Sancuso® (granisetron patch) and Kytril® (granisetron oral). Clinical development experience spanning 15 years, bringing small molecules and biological products through all phases of clinical development in Europe and the US. Gained medical and surgical qualifications in the UK and worked in the UK health service before completing an MBA at Cranfield University and joining the pharmaceutical industry, initially at SmithKlineBeecham and subsequently in senior clinical and medical affairs roles at Roche, Chiron and Pharmion.


Known for implementation in the biotech sector, she has spent most of her career creating and validating biotech companies. Previously in New Product Development at Aequus Pharmaceuticals, a transdermal reformulation company. Holds a Master of Management from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Health Science and Biology from Western University

322 W 57th St, Apt 35B
New York, NY 10019

+1 800 449 5405
[email protected]

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