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Lancor Scientific and the Lancor Blockchain Platform

The Need
The Lancor Blockchain Platform (LBP) is being developed to overcome the inefficiencies which exist in the management of healthcare data. A major focus is to enable efficient management of early testing of commonly screened cancers, and on clear, timely, personalised communication among all participants in the healthcare...

Lancor Scientific

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Big picture - Why invest in Lancor Scientific

Lancor Scientific Snapshot

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to Find Cancer Early.

Our vision is that early diagnosis and screening will be available to everyone, everywhere.

“Detecting cancer early can effectively reduce the mortality associated with cancer.In resource-poor settings, cancer is often diagnosed at a late-stage of disease resulting in lower survival and potentially greater morbidity and higher costs of treatment.Even in countries with strong health systems and services, many cancer cases are diagnosed at a late-stage.Addressing delays in cancer diagnosis and inaccessible treatment is therefore critical in all settings for cancer control.”

The World Health Organization, 2018


Lancor Blockchain Platform

The Lancor Blockchain Platform (LBP) improves cancer care by creating value for patients, their healthcare professionals and the systems in which they operate. The LBP helps in:

  1. Supporting decisions and standardising processes;
  2. Providing tools to aid patients’ self-organisation;
  3. Delivering proactive and targeted care;
  4. Creating better coordination in healthcare;
  5. Ensuring easier access to specialists;
  6. Improving resource management; and
  7. Continuously improving patient advice and self-management.

With Tumour Trace as our first partner, we already have relationships with primary players, and in solving their problems through a bespoke blockchain solution, Lancor Scientific is attracting players from further afield. A major concern for such companies is ensuring they meet the new GDPR requirements and create electronic health records which are compatible with national infrastructure across different territories. The LBP does just that, with plenty of supplementary benefits.

Across the LBP, the Medici Token is the means of exchange, creating a vibrant token economy in use, as well as the method of raising capital early on through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Medici Token is used by individual, insurance and government payers, creates cost-reduction opportunities for novel treatments and economics of scale for bulk-buying partners.

An experienced, expert team leads Lancor Scientific, bringing relationships across the early testing and screening field, and expertise in the blockchain technology. It will steer the company through its early ICO stage to build a powerful and lasting step-change in the manner in which early testing and screening are carried out across the globe.

By investing in Lancor Scientific’s Medici Token, the health of patients across the world is improved, creating value for a wide variety of players in the early testing and screening ecosystem, which in turn offers plenty of opportunities to generate impressive returns on investment.


Lancor Scientific and the Lancor Blockchain Platform

The Need

The Lancor Blockchain Platform (LBP) is being developed to overcome the inefficiencies which exist in the management of healthcare data. A major focus is to enable efficient management of early testing of commonly screened cancers, and on clear, timely, personalised communication among all participants in the healthcare system. By using our developed deep learning algorithms and implementing smart tools from partner companies, Lancor Scientific contributes to the development of healthcare to the next level.

The Lancor Blockchain Platform

The LBP comprises key technology components and services for the provision of health screening services to a wide array of public and private sector healthcare practitioners and patients. The solution is being designed and built using blockchain architecture, underpinning the data storage, in order to implement a fully GDPR-compliant early health testing and screening database that is globally accessible, tamper-proof, and fully auditable. By creating a blockchain which complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and which communicates securely within healthcare systems through real-time exchange of patient healthcare data, we offer all participants in the healthcare system unbridled access to sensitive healthcare data at a local, regional and national level. In so doing, patients, research organisations, public health bodies and organisations beyond, all benefit. As well as through data exchange, they interact through the use of a token – the Medici Token.

Medici Tokens

The Medici Token has been created to promote the uptake of early health testing and screening around the world. Benefits include price-reduction for early testing and screening providers through bulk-buying, cost-saving for partners through preferred access and incentives for private patients to buy Medici Tokens for their personal early testing and screening. A clear, sophisticated economy of these Medici Tokens allows both for efficient exchanges of value and data, and also a strong return for investors into Lancor Scientific.

Lancor Foundation

The Lancor Foundation is being established as a registered charity in England and Wales. Its purpose is to provide a web based platform, the Lancor Foundation Website (LFW), accessible via after the ICO has closed, to support all stakeholders, from the public who would access their test results, to organisations such as the World Health Organization who would benefit from real-time access to global anonymised cancer test results data. The LFW, which is being built to leverage the power of the Lancor Blockchain Platform via APIs, will be made available to the open source community once it is developed to the level of a minimum viable product.

Partner Company

Along with our first screening company, Tumour Trace, come relationships with governments, healthcare providers and key opinion leaders. The value on offer from these early partners extends with time, and so there are strong pull factors for other partners as the LBP grows. Tumour Trace has a common background with Lancor Scientific, but a different focus, concentrating on novel cancer diagnostics. Tumour Trace’s technology relies on the LBP, and along with investment into Tumour Trace comes a long-standing partner for Lancor Scientific. Together, the companies have an accelerated but achievable roadmap of milestones, detailed in the White Paper.

Initial Coin Offering

Investors in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) are funding the development of affordable early testing and screening technologies for use across the world, with a more secure return through the circulation of Medici Tokens as part of the early testing and screening reimbursement cycle. So, the excitement of the early stages of an ICO is followed by a sustained growth and maturity period, in which the use of the coins to undertake tests on the LBP itself is likely to keep the value of the Medici Tokens high. There are a number of assumptions which underpin Lancor Scientific’s strategy, and a number of risks we have analysed and mitigated. The most fundamental mitigation approach is good governance, on which all other risk reduction and mitigation tactics are built.


We have a strong, well-motivated and highly experienced team, with expertise in the technical, strategic and commercial aspects of blockchain platforms. It is backed by a number of industry experts, with whom we work closely and have built strong relationships.


Meeting a well-articulated large, growing, global market need, Lancor Scientific has a powerful blockchain-based solution which, when the strategy at the heart of this White Paper is executed, has the opportunity fundamentally to change approaches to healthcare data and so improve early diagnosis of cancer, save lives and provide better patient care.


In short, we can “Find Cancer Early” and we want you to join us in doing so



Meet The Lancor Scientific Team

Aamir Butt, CEO

Aamir develops and executes strategy in hi-tech businesses, applying his experience across a range of sectors, building scalable business models and with specific experience in healthcare information systems.


Prof Dr Roland Schlesinger, Chief Medical Officer

Roland sits at the nexus of health policy, medical research and quality in healthcare, for Austria, Europe and globally, through his directorship at a number of institutions, including the World Health Organization.


Prof Dr Paul Darbyshire, CTO

Paul has designed, developed and integrated numerous leading-edge software systems and platforms driven by innovative mathematical and scientific principles across a range of industry sectors, including banking and medicine.


Stephen Pigney, CFO

Stephen has 18 years’ experience in Barclays’ Corporate Banking Division, bringing an international view of cash management and a deep understanding of how to build partnerships in a range of markets.

Gopal Rao, COO

Gopal builds on his engineering and business degrees from Cambridge University with experience at PwC and Rolls-Royce, consulting to the aerospace and electronics industries and impact investing organisations.


Robert Elding, CMO

Robert excels at marketing and cross-platform digital transformation for innovative products and services, with experience in financial services and air travel and consulting to blue chip companies from his own agency.


David Janczewski, Commercial Director

David is a strategic and commercial entrepreneur, helping organisations grow internationally and, more recently, defined and created a new global digital gold currency on blockchain, issued by the Royal Mint.


Ryan Lavelle, Head of Product Delivery

Ryan delivers software projects on time and to budget, with a wealth of experience in the financial sector, particularly in the areas of risk and regulations, both as a programmer and as a project delivery consultant.


Nick Holmes, SVP Engineering and Design

Nick’s attention to detail, creative genius and considered approach to the user experience makes interacting with his products a pleasure, regardless of the complexity of the problem to be solved.



E: [email protected]

A: 14 Marshalsea Road

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