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Callitas Health Inc’s chief medical cannabis advisor writes new book on the power of THCV

'CBDPlus' is a new book by Dr Gregory Smith about the power of a cannabinoid called THCV to curb appetites
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THCV comes from hemp and is an appetite suppressor

Dr. Gregory Smith, Callitas Health Inc’s chief medical cannabis advisor, has come out with a new book called ‘CBDPlus’ about the power of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) to curb appetites.

Like cannabinoid oil, THCV comes from hemp and can suppress appetite, blocking hunger receptors and stopping the dopamine release people experience upon seeing or smelling food.

“THCV can actually stop the hormone that makes our stomachs grumble and it makes food less appetizing, says Smith. “It has huge potential to help patients with pre-diabetes and weight issues.”

Smith says his book is directed at patients who are looking for practical advice on using THCV.

Callitas appointed Smith as its chief medical cannabis advisor last month in a bid to give the company a competitive edge in the “dynamic and ever-changing THC/CBD cannabinoids market."

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Smith, a former Major in the US army, has extensive experience and education in the field of cannabinoid medication and currently serves as the editor-in-chief of

He first trained on the use of medical cannabis in California in 2000 and subsequently has published over a dozen peer-reviewed medical publications and two medical textbooks.

A specialist in cannabis-related products, Callitas Health is actively looking for business partners in states and countries where cannabis is legal. Earlier this year, it signed partnership agreements with two undisclosed Californian companies, which permit Callitas to market and sell its CannaMint strips for both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (cbd).

Formed in early 2015, Callitas Helath is developing innovative remedies for weight management, female sexual health, cannabis delivery technologies and other proprietary drugs.

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