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Brain Scientific says Super Bowl ad study finds Microsoft scored with its Xbox ‘We All Win’ spot

Using Brain Scientific’s NeuroCap EEG cap to measure brain activity, a lab analyzed the most effective and memorable commercials

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Microsoft's 'We All Win' ad showcased the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Brain Scientific Inc said Friday that a lab deploying its brain-monitoring device found that the “We All Win” commercial from Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) promoting the Xbox Adaptive Controller was the most effective Super Bowl LIII spot.

Marketing Brainology invited consumers into its neuroscience research lab to measure the impact of various Super Bowl ads, Brain Scientific, a New York-based health sciences technology company, said in a statement.

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Using Brain Scientific’s NeuroCap electroencephalogram (EEG) cap to measure brain activity, along with eye-tracking software, Marketing Brainology was able to analyze responsive biomarkers and determine the most effective and memorable commercials aired during the game.

“Thanks to Brain Scientific’s NeuroCap, we are able to better understand the art and science of the human decision-making process,” said Michelle Adams, the founder of Marketing Brainology. “Marketing departments can use this data to better connect with consumers before allocating millions of dollars in producing a commercial.”

The ad for the Xbox Adaptive Controller featured several children with disabilities.

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